Thursday, August 13, 2009

Visiting Uncle Jonathan and Miss Lisa

We weren't through traveling after driving back and forth across Hungary...oh, NO, we were not through. Accompanied by my mother (she must have some Gypsy blood, because she loves nothing more than a good long driving adventure) the boys and I drove from central Mississippi to Tampa to visit my brother, Jonathan, and lovely (and talented!) sister-in-law, Lisa. Also to admire Lisa's belly and the little cousin-to-be inside - she will be arriving soon, and hope to see her (well, and them) at Christmas! Lisa was a most gracious hostess, taking us to many beaches and Floridian places - the boys loved pointing out each and every palm tree. She also made sure we ate quite well, and I learned some more recipes from her vast mental arsenal. We ate at her mother's restaurant more than once, as well - SO GOOD! The lovely Lisa is pictured at the bottom of the link page.

Of course, no excursion to Uncle Jonathan's would be complete without the requisite computer tampering...ahem, fixing! Our PC (elder even than our eldest child) finally embraced the blue screen around our trip to Hungary, so Jonathan (with helpers) set up a new PC for us - thank you, thank you, a million thank yous! It could be said that Lali and I are not very technologically advanced...

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  1. Hi Laurie, this is Lori. Trolly-riding Lori. (there are just so many of us running around, felt like I needed to be more specific)

    I see you put some of those pictures up from your latest trip - they look awesome! Miss seeing you guys. How is Galen enjoying school? I'm really proud of Anna so far. I was looking through her saved Kindergarten papers today and wondered where the time had gone. I would e-mail but it's late and I'm too lazy to scroll my e-mail looking for yours to re. to tonight since I've also been lazy about putting any folk on my e-mail contact list. Hope this finds you and yours well.


    p.s. don't e-mail me at this account, I just created so I could comment.