Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Fixer-Upper - Hungary 3

Ok, so I have a thing for old houses...really old. This property aligns the Tanya - it's an old gendarme's house and outbuildings . Miklos Bacsi ("Mick-loshe ba-chee"), or Uncle Miklos - you call your elders Uncle and Aunt in Hungary - was an elderly neighbor and friend of Lali's father who passed away last year. We bought the place from his family, and now the Tanya has doubled in size - I think we can start a commune with all the small buildings! Miklos Bacsi's father was a gendarme, and was evidently awarded this house with his position. The old shoes and, ahem, handmade undies and lace I found were his mothers. The main house should be restored by next summer, and will be our home base when in Hungary. The walls are mud brick with stucco over it and a tile roof which is conspicuously missing at present.

Cilinke ("Tsilinkeh") is a little black kitty that adopted us while we were there this year. The boys had more fun with him! Their mother doesn't worry much about kitty germs ;)...
Another view from the yard - the building on the right is actually finished and houses a traditional wood burning oven which I'll show in another post.

Mama's got a new pair of shoes!

What electricity?!

Original port-a-potty. The bathroom is called the w/c ("vay - tsay") in Hungarian - a throw back to water closet - is that British?

An old wicker basket with homemade bra and lye soap.

Laurie and Lali's room - this is what no roof will do to a mud house.

Homemade teeter totter for 3.

Small basement/root cellar - we'll enlarge this to be usable.

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