Thursday, October 8, 2009

New Critters on the Farm

There have been two lovely new additions to the farm family within the last month! Take a look.

This is Cassie - she is a Haflinger mare, and she and Chester hit it right off. The Gypsies and Haflingers seem to have similar laid back, people oriented personalities. We LOVE the cobby ponies! She's telling Chester about her long trailer ride from Grand Rapids, MI and her buddies she'll miss there. Chester is sweaty from running circles around her to show his admiration. Cassie is a 17 year old, been there - done that, type of girl. She was used by the Amish for her first 16 years to train younger horses to hitch. We acquired her from a new friend who hadn't had her long, but just wasn't using her as much as she'd thought she would, and Cassie was getting heavy - it doesn't take much for the cobs to put on a few pounds. She just arrived, and we are thrilled with her!

This is Happy - a sweet kitty we adopted from CARA - a local animal adoption group in Jackson. Her name was Patches, but because of her pleasant personality, she has been named after a calico kitty of my brother's. We grew up with Happy, and she was the most wonderful kitty. This Happy seems to be following in the original Happy's paw prints. The boys have decided this kitty's name is actually 'Patches Happy Lucy Jewelry' - she can be called any/all of these names at any given time. Galen added the 'Jewelry' - he has a thing for bling.


  1. Hi Laurie, I'm finally getting caught up on your blog. And I do remember the original Happy cat!
    Love your pictures!

  2. Adorable! Aaaahhhh....horses...I had a wonderful interum in my childhood where every thought I had was consumed w/ either riding my horse or riding someone elses. Your cat seems sweet. Ours, is 1yr old and still skittish....I wish we named her "scaredy cat" :)

  3. I came across your blog after readng your post on a friend of mines. Its so nice to meet you. Beautiful horses. We hope to add one to the homestead in the next year or so.