Sunday, August 2, 2009

Where Have We Been all Your Summer...? Hungary!

This has been a busy traveling summer for us - we're finally home, relaxing, and ready to enjoy pictures. Phew - Jaj! ("yaiy" is Hungarian for Phew!) I'll make posts to introduce the family in Hungary, our new fixer-upper, and Nagymama's ("nady-mama") beautiful garden.

This is Lali's sister Marica ("Maritsa") - she is so patient with Galen's many questions and requests to "just play one more game." She has two lovely college-age daughters that I didn't get a camera on this year.

This is Lali's mother Palma - "Nagymama" to the kids. Lali is her baby :).

This is Lali's dad, Lajos - "Nagypapa" to the kids. He is quite the character! Also pictured is our brother-in-law, Miki, and niece Donci ("Don-tsie.")

This is Nagymama with Lali's other sister, Andi - she is Miki's wife, and mother of Donci and "little Miki" who you'll see later - he's not so little anymore! Andi also played more than her share of board games and card games with Galen...:).

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