Saturday, January 10, 2009

Leapin' Lizards!

This side of the family has blue eye(s.) This is Galen with our guard corgi and chief foot licker, Verdi. Verdi's birthday is about 6 months before Galen's, so these two have grown up together. Verdi has adjusted to living in many different places as we've moved, and several different friends (including Gramma!) have given him a warm place to stay and good fellowship during our moves and travels. Thanks guys! Verdi is now adjusting very well to being the farm dog. He is constantly dragging in new bones he finds in the field. I feel a Science lesson coming on!

For those of you who knew us when, Verdi is a cousin of Henle, my first corgi who helped me through long nights during nursing school and was even in my wedding.

Today was a bright and sunny 70 degrees in Mississippi. Perfect weather for lizard hunting. Ben found this willing participant in a pile of "weaves." We had a little impromptu lesson on animals that molt (lizard friend is not sick, just shedding.)

After the molting lesson, we discussed how lizards are cold-blooded animals. The boys decided that friend lizard would be the warmest - and feel the safest -riding in Galen's hair. Considering the options, I really couldn't argue. Lizard was eventually released to seek his fortune, although Galen bid him a tearful good-bye. I assured him that we would be meeting more of Lizard's family soon!


  1. ...And that's why I love boys! More critters have been brought to my attention this year than I even knew existed. I like Verdi! Makes me miss Henle, though. He will always rank as one the best dogs that ever did live.

  2. Totally, right?! A girl might sit still and color for hours, but can she appreciate a nice lizard? Well, I always could...;) Verdi is a good dog and very gentle with the boys, but he's no Henle. Probably b/c I had a baby when he was 6 months old and we didn't "commune" in the same way as Henle and I had?

  3. Hi Laurie....remember me? It's Kirsten! First off I love this music...who's singing????
    And second...your family is adorable, I can't believe you were on Jen's blog and I never knew it!
    It's good to see you. Are you working outside your home...looks like you got your hands full w/ those precious boys!

  4. Laurie, tried to find you on facebook w/ new last name but didn't work.
    We love it up here- beauty all the time. We live on Bainbridge Island. A 35min. ferry ride. A girl I know dates a guy from Whidby Island- I've heard it's amazingly beautiful there. Yes, we heard it was expensive, but actually we've managed to stay in budget. My work pays 75% of my commute...and we drive less than ever. Really its food and housing, but were renting for a while...sold our house in Tulsa, and just thought renting would be better till the housing pricing comes down- which it has:)
    So, come up anytime if ever you want...I've been talking to Jen, and Charissa- and hopefully next summer or fall. So glad Jen found you!!