Friday, January 30, 2009

Hello, Kitties!

This is an introduction to our other farm animals, the cats! Angelo is our first family kitty - we adopted him from the local cat rescue through Petsmart. He's the best kitty and very patient with the boys - lots of purrs even after they chase him around. He has a blue eye and a green eye like Verdi! He's also a wonderful "roacher." No bug spraying for us, Angelo takes care of it the natural way! Lots of little roach body gifts of love left lying around...

This is the newest addition to the farm "herd" - Piroska! We also found her through the local cat rescue which places cats through Petsmart. Piroska (peer-osh-ka), or Piri, is a cute little bundle of purrs and is about 8 months old. Finally another girl around the place! She appears to be a dwarf - her legs are thick boned and short, and she is small. Evidently (what did we do before google) "Munchkin cats" were originally bred from feral cats found near Monroe, LA - about 2 hours from here. She has the funniest facial expressions - her whiskers stick straight out!

Angelo isn't quite sure he wanted a sister. Ok, I forgot to ask him... There is some hissing and yowling from Angelo, but Piri is all sweetness and play. Right now she's in the laundry room and he's got "his house." We're letting them get adjusted slowly - cats are so complicated. Lajos says "just like women!" Hopefully we'll have a unified cat family in the near future - no kittens, they're both fixed. Piroska is an old Hungarian name - piros = red. Little Red Riding Hood's name was Piroska.


  1. Wow! She is so pretty! She looks frisky! I can't wait to meet her :O)

  2. I have always wanted a kitty since I was a kid, but my dad hated, loathed cats...then my husband is allergic:(
    But, this Christmas when Lucy was begging for a puppy...I had a great idea! So, Dan gave in w/ some minor rules of course and we got Fluffy Knuckles. Lucy was thrilled- a very merry Christmas:)