Saturday, January 3, 2009

Ho ho ho...

We had a nice, fairly warm, first Christmas "on the farm." My mom and brother were able to come, and Lajos (who will be called Lali) was able to connnect with Hungarian family (in the middle of their Christmas dinner) by phone - we really need to start using that email camera... We really are a fairly low tech family - there are pluses and minuses to that, I suppose. That said, forgive any formatting errors below!

Boys in the window - art photo ;)
Have I mentioned I'm the only female on "the farm?" Human or otherwise?! I do what I can... By the way, I am kind of a hippie, but the super hairy legs ARE NOT mine! The boys do request regular pedicures, now...

Lovely view of the front pasture/yard - well, and Jonathan (bro), Galen and mom. My poor mom was sick with bronchitis the whole time she was here - our Christmas catch phrase was "cough like a turtle!" - shirt over mouth. Eventually Ben asked, "Mommy - why Gwamma look like a tuhtle?" Guess who's coughing like a tuhtle now? The gift that keeps on giving ;) - sorry mom, you know we'd rather have you here coughing than not at all!

Taking stock of the stocking booty. You can also see just how "cozy" our living room/kitchen/dining room/den is!



  1. The boys aren't gonna like you talking about their pedicures when they're teenagers. ;)

    (Of course, I'm the person that's posted Ace's poop face on my blog before.)

    Hope you had an awesome Christmas!

  2. Ok - I am totally going to have to read your backblog!

    Maybe they'll be wanting "man"icures someday?