Saturday, March 14, 2009

Chester the Gypsy Cob

This is our new friend, Chester (also known in the U.S. as Bo.) He is a Gypsy Cob horse we've adopted, and is just as sweet as the day is long. Here is a little more information about Gypsy Cobs . He's a 5 year old, 13.3 hand, one eyed gelding originally bred by a gypsy/Rom family in Ireland - this boy has travelled! And now he is home to stay - time to settle down with a family. He's met many folks on his way to us, and touched many lives - I hope to write a children's book about it one day. How many of you know what a terrible procrastinator I am, though...? The Gypsy cob is a small draft breed which was originally bred by Irish Gypsies to pull their wagons and drays, and also as an all-purpose family horse. Kind and willing temperment is foremost, as the horses lived closely with the families and their children, and Chester exemplifies this trait. They are also quite beautiful with long, full manes and tails and feather on their legs ideally starting below the knee. Many are black and white spotted (piebald), but Chester is chestnut in a pattern called blagdon, with a bald face and high white on all four legs. The last time Chester was sold (through no fault of his own), he was bought by a kind lady in WA state who runs a horse adoption center. She wanted to make sure he wasn't passed/sold again, as many small horses are when they are "outgrown" by their children. If we find ourselves in a position where we can't keep Chester, he'll go to live with Suzanne in WA - she's even put him in her will. Have I mentioned this horse has touched a lot of lives? Here he is getting off the trailer from PA where he was fostered this winter by his Auntie Misty while we got ready for him. This boy has many gaurdian angels and Auntie's! This is his blind side - he was about 3 years old when he lost his eye in a pasture accident - it is thought he was kicked by another horse. He's adapted very well.
Chester gets schooled! Galen is teaching his very willing pupil from an anatomy/physiology book which he loves. "Chester, this is a person's skull...and, Chester, this is your brain, and your cerebellum, and your spinal cord...and, Chester, this is where babies grow inside the mommy." Oh, yes, Chester got schooled...for quite some time, sweet boy.
Galen also decided Chester needed a nickname. First Pink Panther...then Sponge Bob. Galen then thought that Chester, aka Sponge Bob, needed a TV in his pen to help him understand his new nickname (it's all about the education at Tulipan Farm ;). When told that horses learn better from books, Galen obviously took matters into his own hands. I must be doing something right?!

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  1. I love it! I can't wait to meet Bo Chester and I hope he has a forever home now :)