Wednesday, February 25, 2009

La Luna

The boys and I came home to find this gorgeous Luna moth drying her wings outside the barn door this afternoon. I'd never seen one in nature, before. I am awestruck, words just can't describe the experience, so I attempted to with the camera. She was almost as large as my hand!

She was resting right by her cocoon - you can even see the hole she chewed to get out. Tucked safe and dry under the clapboards of the barn, she had been growing and changing right there for the last couple of weeks, just waiting for the right moment to emerge!
Evidently these moths don't have mouths, so they don't eat. They only live about one week - just long enough to produce more little baby Luna moths. How tragic and lovely at the same time.


  1. THAT is COOL! I've loved luna moths since I was 6 years old. Joshua caught a moth last summer and we amazingly got to watch it lay eggs. We let the moth go and continued to watch the eggs (one under a microscope). Soon we had little newborn caterpillars! I couldn't believe we got to see all that.

  2. Laurie, I am so sorry it took me so long to reply to you but I did indeed get the book. It is actually on my husband's nightstand! He is picking out desserts for himself. I already made a gluten free banana bread that Jayden picked at but we enjoyed =)

  3. Beautiful! I've never seen one....we do have gigantic "banana slugs" here...not quite as pretty:(...I love your blog, Laurie! It makes me want to come over, bring pie and drink lots of black tea, w/ lots of animals and kiddos running @ our feet:)

  4. Fun to see your boys and life on the farm in the South! So glad to connect via blog. :)